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"A Hobby Turned Profession", that's how I would want to describe my foray into the world of finance. I am an alumnus of LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad,and also of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, where I did my “Diploma in Business Management. Also, I have obtained Certified Financial Planner Certification from FPSB India in the year 2009. It was the leaning towards the myriad options in the world of finance that made me move from Engineering to "INVESTMENT CONSULTANCY".
From being a "Layman" to an "Experienced Financial Consultant", the journey has been memorable, enjoyable and a process of constant learning". A Strong believer of “Power of Compounding?and an avid reader, I have "Retired (read Financial Freedom)"at an age of 33. Since then, I have been running my own financial consultancy firm for the last 17 years.
I am an active Rotary Club Member and an enthusiastic cricket player. These two activities keep me active in my leisure time. My advice: An early bird catches the worm. Similarly, those who invest early in life (read first salary) however small, shall reap rich dividends.
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